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VAKUUM BOHEMIA offers sale, servicing, and repair of nearly all industrial vacuum pump brands. All models are intended for industrial applications and designed for permanent operation. An industrial vacuum pump is a machine that pumps air out from an enclosed space. This leads to a lower atmospheric pressure (called vacuum) in this space.

Our services:

  • sale of industrial vacuum pumps
  • spare parts sale and accessories
  • on-site servicing
  • vacuum pump repair and overhaul
  • rental of vacuum pumps
  • vacuum system design and assembly
  • vacuum pump and system maintenance

Similar products:

Blowers or fans are used instead of vacuum pumps for applications with a high flow rate but low suction

Rotary vane oil vacuum pumps


Rotary vane oil vacuum pumps are high efficiency, reliable, and need only simple maintenance. The vacuum pump is sealed with recirculating oil.


Applications: vacuum packaging. (ATEX on demand)

Pumping speed: from 4 m3/h up to 1600 m3/h

Max. vacuum: 0.1 mbar 


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Dry-running carbon vane vacuum pumps

Dry-running vacuum pumps use carbon vane from rotating vanes for lubrication. Dry-running vacuum pumps can create vacuum, overpressure, or both at the same time.


Applications: vacuum manipulation and aeration.

Pumping speed: from 3 m3/h up to 500 m3/h

Max. vacuum: 100 mbar


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Liquid ring vacuum pumps

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are resistant to impurities. The pumps can be flow-through or have full circulation.


Applications: petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and distillation. (ATEX on demand)

Pumping speed: from 30 m3/h up to 37 000 m3/h

Max. vacuum: 33 mbar


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Claw vacuum pumps

Zobákové vývěvyClaw vacuum pumps use two rotating claws to create vacuum. They are oil-free.


Applications: plastics production and low pressure handling

Pumping speed: from 50 m3/h up to 950 m3/h

Max. vacuum: 20 mbar


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Screw vacuum pumps

Screw vacuum pumps use two rotating screws to create vacuum. Screw vacuum pumps do not have oil in their operating chamber, and so are considered oil-free pumps.


Applications: petrochemical industry and pharmaceutical industry (ATEX on demand).

Pumping speed: from 100 m3/h up to 2500 m3/h


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Piston vacuum pumps

Piston vacuum pumps are based on the use of a rotating piston. The pumps are sealed with oil. Their construction is highly robust and resilient to impurities. These pumps can be used to obtain deep vacuum.


Applications: foundries and metal coating.

Pumping speed: from 36 m3/h up to 1350 m3/h

Max. vacuum: 0,00026 mbar


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Roots vacuum pumps

Roots vacuum pumps are used as auxiliary vacuum pumps to speed up evacuation or deepen the vacuum.


Applications: vacuum packaging, metal coating, distillation. (ATEX on demand)

Pumping speed: from 200 m3/h up to 15 500 m3/h


​More information about Roots vacuum pumps

ATLAS COPCO oil-lubricated screw vacuum pumps










ATLAS COPCO oil-lubricated screw vacuum pumps

The GHS VSD+ and GHS 350-1900 VSD+ series represent new series of rotary screw vacuum pumps with VSD technology. The vacuum pumps have been designed to deliver an optimal performance at any operating pressure. The GHS 350-900 VSD+ series is an ideal solution for production areas where a central vacuum pump is required. The GHS 1300-1900 VSD+ series can be used as a dedicated vacuum pump for a specific machine, however, it is more commonly used in central vacuum systems.

Key parameters include:

  • increased efficiency thanks to the state-of-the-art technology
  • variable speed drive (VSD) and innovative motor design
  • very quiet operation
  • plug-and-play installation
  • ideal for installation in compressor stations

The vacuum pumps are ideal for central systems and larger installations. For example:




Oil-free scroll vacuum pumps

Scroll vacuum pumps use the modern dual spiral mechanism technology, providing a high degree of vacuum with minimal noise and vibration without the need for oil. Their design offers low noise, easy maintenance and efficient water vapor processing. This makes them ideal for analytical instruments and research applications where clean vacuum pumping is required.

Key parameters of scroll vacuum pumps:

  • Pumping speed: from 3 m3/h to 60 m3/h
  • Max. vacuum: 0.1–20 mbar (abs)

Application of scroll vacuum pumps in industry:

  • physics research processes
  • ultra-high vacuum
  • freeze drying
  • vacuum deposition and ion plating
  • accelerators and synchrotron radiation
  • vacuum furnaces
  • laboratory use

Other examples of scroll vacuum pumps can be found here



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