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Vacuum systems and customized solutions

Vacuum systems are complex units that are used for generating vacuum or negative pressure. The systems typically create a vacuum for the entire plant, production floor or group of machines that need it. The systems themselves consist of several vacuum pumps, controls and accessories. Vacuum systems are referred to as central vacuum systems or vacuum stations.

Vacuum systems are individually designed for specific applications. They combine different vacuum generation technologies to achieve an optimal function, long life and high reliability.

A different type of vacuum pump or blower is suitable for each individual application. One central vacuum system usually comprises components and accessories from various manufacturers. When designing vacuum centers, we especially consider its long-term and problem-free operation. We select individual components and equipment manufacturers based on our experience and suitability for given applications.

Vacuum systems are available in different material versions. From cast iron, stainless steel to titanium, depending on the given working environment. I.e., also for solutions in explosion-hazardous environments.

Our engineers and technicians always carefully consider all your requirements to design a system tailored to your operation. As a part of the design process of a vacuum system, we take into account process variables, specific measurements, special requirements and environmental factors to ensure an optimal system performance.

An effective vacuum system requires a detailed understanding of all the factors influencing the selection of the used vacuum technologies, and experience with the given design. All vacuum solutions are based on a reliable and proven design. They can be customized to ensure quality and required performance at all times.

We offer solutions that give you operational excellence and maximum durability.

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Laboratory vacuum systems

Centrální vakuové systémy   Vakuové sestavy   Jednoúčelové vakuové stroje   Laboratorní vakuové systémy
A central vacuum system is a single unit that serves several vacuum collection points. In this system, vacuum is generated at a single location.   Vacuum sets and pump stands are a combination of one or more vacuum pumps with other components mounted on a common frame.   Single-purpose vacuum machines are custom-designed for a specific purpose. For example, for suction, filling or filtering.   Chemical resistant vacuum systems, turbo molecular vacuum pumps, diffusion vacuum pumps and other technology for generating laboratory vacuum.

Vacuum system design proposal

Based on your specification, we will offer you either a standardized solution or an innovative solution tailored to your requirements.

When designing a vacuum system:

  • We compare the given requirements with similar applications and obtain supporting information from manufacturers abroad.
  • We calculate, based on our experience, the evacuation speed, maximum vacuum, vacuum spreading speed and electricity consumption + other system parameters.
  • We design and propose all components of the vacuum system, including vacuum pumps, controls, filtration, valves and the operation and maintenance system. 
  • We calculate pipe diameters, pressure losses, vacuum spreading speed, evacuation times from the pipe. Furthermore, we design the needed pipe routes.
  • We prepare the control diagram, wiring diagram, control description and procedural description of the algorithms.
  • We provide an offer price for the given turnkey vacuum system implementation.

Turnkey implementation of a vacuum system

Upon designing the given vacuum system and upon obtaining the given price approval from the customer, we deliver the system.

As a part of the implementation of the vacuum system, we perform:

  • Based on the project documentation, we deliver the vacuum system, connect the delivered parts and put it into operation.
  • Upon the installation of the system, we participate in the operational test of the functionality of the individual components. During this operation, we measure the parameters and performance parameters of the entire system.
  • With a vacuum set or a single-purpose machine After the operational test, the vacuum set or single-purpose machine is connected to the collection points and everything is tested in a trial operation. Subsequently, regular operation and production commence. 
  • We train the operators on the system operation and maintenance. We hand over complete operational documentation (certificates, initial inspections, related technical documentation, declarations of conformity).
  • We provide warranty and post-warranty service of the equipment at the customer's site.
  • We carry out preventive and emergency repairs of the given equipment. 

We supply material for operation and maintenance of the given vacuum equipment.

VAKUUM BOHEMIA, s.r.o. services:

  • Sale of vacuum technologies
  • Rental of vacuum equipment  
  • Sale of spare parts and accessories
  • Warranty and post-warranty service of the vacuum technologies at the customer's site
  • Repairs and refurbishing of vacuum pumps and compressors
  • Training in the field of vacuum solutions
  • Consulting in the field of vacuum technologies

Why a vacuum solution from us?

  • We have 20 years of experience with supplying vacuum systems.
  • 7 of the 10 largest companies in the Czech Republic are our customers.
  • We have already delivered more than 10,000 machines.
  • Our customers include more than 2,000 companies.
  • Experienced service team and team of implementation engineers.
  • We offer complete services, from design to operational services.
  • Design, delivery, service from a single company.

Use of vacuum systems, sets, control units and vacuum equipment in real life

  • Vacuum systems provide vacuum pressure to pneumatic conveying systems for granules or powders.
  • Vacuum systems are also a common part of equipment for packaging systems, packers, melting equipment and massagers.
  • During surgical procedures or sterilization, and for aspiration applications, it is necessary to regularly suck out liquids and vapors. Operating halls, dental surgeries, ICUs, emergency rooms and intensive care centers have different suction requirements. To ensure that the suction equipment does not have to be in every room, it is routed using vacuum lines from a single place - the central vacuum station. It includes a central vacuum system that ensures systematic distribution of vacuum to all the compartments. The central vacuum system is thus useful not only in hospitals and dental surgeries, but also in research laboratories, where the requirements for air purity are also very high.
  • In paper production, it is necessary to transport and separate pellets from granules, to separate shavings, sawdust and other bulk materials. It is also used for draining, drying pulp, pressing and removing water from paper production machines. These actions are provided by vacuum systems.
  • Pressure and vacuum are essential for the operation of forming machines and pneumatic presses. Vacuum systems are designed to control it.
  • Vacuum systems usually form an integral part of waste systems. They are used here for wastewater disposal, backwashing or sand filtering.
  • Desalination is a process that removes salt from seawater or brackish water. Vacuum systems form a part of the desalination equipment.
  • Vacuum systems usually form a part of the equipment for testing components of fusion reactors. Their function is to detect leaks.
  • CNC machines require pressure and vacuum for clamping workpieces. Vacuum pumps create it and the vacuum systems control it.
  • In the oil and gas extraction industry, sludge needs to be sucked out, filtered and extracted. Pressure and overpressure are essential in this case. Vacuum filtration systems are used for this purpose.
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