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Vacuum systems

Central vacuum system


Vacuum systems


Single-purpose machines

A central vacuum system allows production to be separated from technical facilities. It usually includes a control system which optimises vacuum pump operation and thus reduces energy costs as well as wear and tear on pumps.   Vacuum sets are a combination of one or several vacuum pumps with additional accessories such as an air filtration system, a container, condensers, automatic dewatering systems, valve sets, or a control unit.   Single-purpose vacuum machines are custom designed according to the customer’s wishes. Each machine is different, depending on its specific application. The most frequently used applications include suction stations, filling stations, or filtering stations.


Vacuum systems are complex units used to generate vacuum or negative air pressure. Systems can be used for a single machine or several. Systems for several machines are called central vacuum systems or vacuum stations. The selection of a system depends on the intended application. 

Turnkey installation

After designing the vacuum system and its price approval by the customer, we provide turnkey supply of the vacuum system. We will connect, start, and test the vacuum system as well as train operating staff. We offer preventive on-site servicing and repairs of older equipment.

Servicing of vacuum centres

The end customer receives full service, from the design of the whole system up to problem-free operation. VAKUUM BOHEMIA offers preventive servicing of vacuum centres, on-site servicing, and general repair to individual vacuum pumps as well as whole vacuum systems, training for operating staff, and supply of consumable parts.


  • CAD design of the vacuum system
  • proposal of the number and type of vacuum pumps or blowers
  • design of control units, vacuum containers, and accessories
  • calculation of the diameter and length of piping
  • connection of the electrical part
  • piping routes
  • calculation of the speed of evacuation and other system parameters
  • experience from previous applications


  • metal coating
  • pneumatic conveyance
  • vacuum handling
  • wood processing industry 
  • paper and printing
  • chemical industry
  • the environment
  • other industrial applications


A different type of vacuum pump or blower is suitable for each individual application. One central vacuum system usually comprises components and accessories from various manufacturers. When designing vacuum centres, we especially consider its long-term and problem-free operation. Individual components and manufacturers are selected based on our experience and suitability for the intended application.

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