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VAKUUM BOHEMIA offers sale, servicing. and repair of industrial blowers. Our range of products include side channel blowers, Roots blowers, and vacuum boosters. These are high-volume blowers which will transport a large amount of air at pressure differences of up to 1 bar. 

Our services:

  • sale of industrial blowers
  • sale of spare parts and accessories
  • on-site servicing
  • repairs and overhauls of blowers
  • rental of blowers
  • design and assembly of blower systems
  • maintenance of blowers and blower systems

Similar products:

It is more suitable to use industrial vacuum pumps than blowers for certain applications

Side channel blowers

Side channel blowers generate overpressure, negative pressure. or a combination of overpressure and negative pressure. Blowers can be single-stage, two-stage, or three-stage. A large selection of model lines and high air transport volume allowed the quick expansion of these blowers into many areas of application.

Applications: pneumatic conveyance of granulates and powders, drying, transportation of air, and aeration
Pumping speed:  from 30 m3/h up to 2 200 m3/h
Max. negative pressure:  -0,7 bar
Max. overpressure:  +1,0 bar

Roots blowers

Roots blowers generate overpressure, negative air pressure, or a combination of both. The air inside the blower is transported by two oppositely rotating, three-lobe pistons.

Applications: central blower stations, pneumatic conveyance of granulates and powders, aeration
Pumping speed: from 180 m3/h up to 10 000 m3/h
Max. negative pressure: -0.8 bar
Max. overpressure: +1.0 bar


More information about Roots blowers

Roots vacuum pumps (auxiliary vacuum pumps)

Roots vacuum pumps operate on the principle of two kidney-shaped rotors. Blowers are used as auxiliary vacuum pumps in vacuum systems.

Applications: central blower stations, pneumatic conveyance of granulates and powders, aeration
Pumping speed: from 260 m3/h up to 16 000 m3/h
Max. pressure difference 100 mbar

Sale of blowers

If you are interested in industrial blowers, please send us the parameters of your required equipment by email. Specific types of blowers are also available in our catalogue.

Servicing of blowers

VAKUUM BOHEMIA s.r.o. offers complete warranty and post-warranty servicing of industrial side channel blowers, Roots blowers, and Roots vacuum pumps. We also offer overhaul of blowers of various brands, sale of spare parts, air filters and accessories. Furthermore, we offer the design of central blower stations or vacuum systems using Roots vacuum pumps.

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