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VAKUUM BOHEMIA, s.r.o. operates in the following areas: sale of industrial vacuum pumps, industrial blowers, oil-free compressors, accessories, spare parts, design and supply of turnkey vacuum systems, servicing and repair of industrial vacuum pumps and blowers.

Focus on quality

Our priority is the problem-free operation of used vacuum systems, blowers, vacuum pumps, and compressors. We are aware that interruption to the supply of vacuum or compressed air can lead to significant losses. Our quality is guaranteed thanks to:

  • sophisticated vacuum systems design
  • selection of suitable equipment and high-quality materials
  • use of best-practice solutions
  • equipment and component testing
  • adjustment of equipment to suit its specific application
  • prevention of faults
  • operating service
  • employee experience

The VAKUUM BOHEMIA product range includes

  • vacuum pumps: rotary vacuum pumps (with and without oil), liquid ring vacuum pumps, screw vacuum pumps, Roots vacuum pumps and piston vacuum pumps
  • blowers: side channel blowers, Roots blowers
  • compressors: oil-free compressors, oil-free mini-compressors, oil-free claw compressors, oil-free carbon vane compressors 
  • accessories: oil, separators, filters, vanes, spare parts
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