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Side channel blowers


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VAKUUM BOHEMIA offers the repair and servicing of side channel blowers by Elektror, Siemens, Siemens, Elmo Rietschle, Becker, Busch, RT, and other brands.

VAKUUM BOHEMIA offers exclusive sale of industrial RT blowers and blowers by Elmo Rietschle, Becker, and Busch. RT blowers are a part of numerous industrial equipment, from vaporisers in coal power plants, to robotic car engine production lines, or luxurious Jacuzzis in amusement parks.

RT blowers are suitable for permanent operation and non-continuous operation, and a modified version is also available for very frequent stop-start sequences. Most models are available in stock and can be borrowed for a test run. They are usually available for shipping one day after ordering. One-phase as well as three-phase blowers are available.

Operating principle of side channel blowers

Rotations of the impeller create negative pressure at the point of suction. Air is drawn in and flows around the impeller towards the exhaust. Blowers have an integrated damper at the intake and exhaust. The impeller is turned by a TEFC electromotor with built-in fan.

Single-stage blowers


Single-stage blowers


Double-stage blowers

Single-stage side channel blowers have a 1x230V motor and are a reliable source of overpressure or negative pressure whenever a three-phase connection is not available.   Single-stage side channel blowers are a reliable source of overpressure or negative pressure with high flow.   Double-stage side channel blowers are a reliable source of overpressure or negative pressure with high flow and a higher pressure difference.

Parameters of side channel blowers:

  • pumping speed: from 200 m3/h up to 1 200 m3/h
  • motor power: from 0.1 kW to 25 kW
  • max. underpressure: -0.5 bar
  • max. overpressure: +1 bar
  • single-phase or three-phase motors

Advantages of side channel blowers:

  • operation is nearly maintenance-free
  • long service life
  • clean air without oil
  • the blower rotor is not in contact with the stator
  • operational warranty and post-warranty servicing

Our services:

  • servicing and repairs of blowers of all brands
  • vacuum systems with side channel blowers
  • sale of side channel blowers
  • sale of spare parts
  • sale of accessories (silencers, regulation valves, acoustic hoods, fittings etc.)
  • field servicing of side channel blowers
  • repairs and overhaul of side channel blowers
  • rental of side channel blowers
  • changeover replacement


Side channel blowers are intended for everyday use in overpressure, negative pressure, and combined applications. The most frequent applications include:

  • pneumatic conveyance
  • paper and printing
  • vacuum handling
  • wood processing and printing
  • plastics industry
  • medical industry
  • vacuum drying
  • others: transportation of air and gases, aeration

List of RT blower models

ModelPumping speed
Max. negative pressure
Max. Overpressure
RT 10034870700,2On stock
RT 2005851101300,4On stock
RT 30091451401400,75On stock
RT 30111451651800,9On stock
RT 30151451752001,3On stock
RT 40112161301300,9On stock
RT 40152161801801,3On stock
RT 40192162102201,75On stock
RT 40262162202702,2On stock
RT 50263122302302,2On stock
RT 60373122602803,4On stock
RT 60463122703304On stock
RT 70635522703005,5On stock
RT 80865523004007,5On stock
RT 911011352002009On stock
RT 9150113530030013On stock
RT 9220113535045020On stock
RT 23009902002400,75On stock
RT 330191562753201,75On stock
RT 330261562803752,2On stock
RT 430372223454103,4On stock
RT 430462223554954On stock
RT 630463123603804On stock
RT 630633124105155,5On stock
RT 630863124205807,5On stock
RT 640634682002005,5On stock
RT 640864682402707,5On stock
RT 830865763203207,5On stock
RT 8313057643060011On stock
RT 8319057645070016On stock
RT 840868521501507,5
RT 8413085226026011
Lidická kolonie 47
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