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VAKUUM BOHEMIA offers sale, servicing and repair of rotary vane oil vacuum pumps by Busch, Becker, Leybold, Rietschle, Orfe, and other brands.

Rotary vane oil vacuum pumps are the most common type of industrial vacuum pumps. These pumps are ideal for permanent as well as non-continuous operation and for generating vacuum up to 0.1 mbar. All modern one-stage oil vacuum pumps have an integrated oil mist separator that filters oil from the exhaust. The oil is subsequently extracted by the vacuum pump and recirculated. We have the most popular models in stock and it is also possible to borrow them for a test run.

Operating principle of rotary vane oil vacuum pumps

The eccentrically placed rotor creates a sickle-shaped space inside the cylinder, which is divided by vanes into chambers. Revolutions of the rotor reduce the volume of chambers, leading to compression. These vanes are located in grooves in the stator, oil ensuring that they are properly sealed from the stator. Exhaust air is made oil-free by passing through the integrated oil mist separator.

Compact vacuum pumps
up to 16 m³/h


Standard vacuum pumps
up to 300 m³/h


Slow-running vacuum pumps
up to 1600 m³/h


Compact oil rotating vacuum pumps are ideal for machines or applications where it is only necessary to extract a small amount of gas.


Standard rotary vane oil vacuum pumps are the most prominent type of vacuum pumps globally, suitable for a wide range of applications.


Slow-running rotary vane oil vacuum pumps allow the suction of a large amount of gas and are often used as a central source of vacuum.

Parameters of oil vacuum pumps:

  • pumping speed: from 4 m3/h up to 1600 m3/h
  • motor power: from 0.1 kW to 30 kW
  • max. vacuum: 0.1 mbar(abs)

Advantages of oil lubricated vacuum pumps:

  • durable construction
  • low energy consumption
  • vacuum suitable for most applications

Our services:

  • vacuum systems with oil lubricated vacuum pumps
  • sale of oil lubricated vacuum pumps
  • spare parts sale
  • sale of accessories (air filters, acoustic covers, valves)
  • on-site servicing
  • repair and overhaul of oil lubricated vacuum pumps
  • rental of oil lubricated vacuum pumps
  • replacement vacuum pump repair
  • sale of refurbished oil vane vacuum pumps 


  • food industry
  • plastics industry
  • pneumatic conveyance
  • vacuum drying
  • vacuum handling
  • wood processing and printing
  • paper and printing
  • chemical industry
  • medical industry

Table of models

ModelPumping speed
Max. vakuum
PA 0008 A820,362950On stock
PA 0016 K1620,552950
PA 0021 K210,50,752950On stock
PA 0040 K400,51,11450On stock
PA 0063 K630,52,21450On stock
PA 0100 K1000,531450On stock
PA 0175 K1750,541450On stock
PA 0255 K2500,55,51450
PA 0305 K3000,57,51450On stock
PA 0400 K4100,111980
PA 0500 K5000,115980
PA 0630 K6500,118,5980
PA 1000 B10000,322960
PA 1600 B16000,330960
Lidická kolonie 47
586 01 Jihlava
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