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VAKUUM BOHEMIA offers sale, servicing, and repair of liquid ring vacuum pumps.  

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are used in the most demanding applications. These are some of the most durable industrial vacuum pumps, resilient to the intake of impurities. Vacuum pumps can also be supplied complete stainless – AISI 316. Liquid ring vacuum pumps can pump explosive gases and be installed in areas where there is a risk of explosion (ATEX). These vacuum pumps are cooled by running water. For applications with strongly contaminated or aggressive media, a flow-through system is used where water flows through the vacuum pump. For other applications, water either fully or partially recirculates. Systems for full recirculation eliminate the need to continuously refill the liquid.

Parameters of liquid ring vacuum pumps:

  • pumping speed: from 30 m3/h up to 37 000 m3/h  
  • motor power: from 0.75 kW to 680 kW                
  • max. vacuum: 33 mbar                                         
  • pumps only, systems for partial recirculation and systems for full recirculation

Advantages of liquid ring vacuum pumps:

  • ability to handle impurities
  • robust and durable
  • almost maintenance-free
  • complete stainless steel pump option
  • ATEX option

Our services:

  • vacuum systems with liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • sale of liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • sale of spare parts
  • sale of accessories
  • vacuum pump on-site servicing
  • vacuum pump repair and overhaul
  • rental (limited availability)
  • changeover replacement (limited availability)


  • chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • vacuum distillation and vacuum drying
  • food industry
  • the environment
  • plastics industry
  • vacuum handling
  • wood processing and printing
  • paper and printing

Operating principle of liquid ring vacuum pumps

Air (or gas) enters the stator through the suction inlet. Here, it is trapped between two blades on an impeller. The impeller is sealed with a liquid ring. Revolution of the impeller increases the volume of gas between the blades, leading to the creation of vacuum. When it moves towards the exhaust, the volume of gas drops and compression takes place. This compression continues until the gas is discharged through the discharge port. When the air (or gas) exits from the vacuum pump, it also takes with it a small amount of sealing liquid. The shaft is fixed with either a simple or double mechanical seal. 

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