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Oil-lubricated screw vacuum pumps represent a sophisticated vacuum system technology used in a wide range of industrial applications. These systems are designed to provide reliable and efficient vacuum generation using rotating screw spindles.

Oil lubrication plays a key role in the operation of the vacuum pumps - not only does it reduce friction and wear and tear, it also serves as a sealing medium and filter to trap contaminants. Combined with advanced control systems such as Variable Speed Drive (VSD), these vacuum pumps offer high efficiency and adaptability, thus meeting the requirements of specific applications while minimizing energy consumption.

In these vacuum systems, oil is not only used as a lubricant, it also helps to seal the gap between the spindle lobes and the wall, thus improving heat dissipation and helping in trapping contaminants. Innovative technology enables speed control. It can automatically adapt to changing vacuum requirements, while increasing energy efficiency and reducing the equipment wear and tear.

The principle of vacuum creation

The vacuum pump has two spindles installed in a parallel way - one is fixed and the other rotates. These spindles are mutually synchronized by the means of a gearbox, but they do not touch each other or the walls of the vacuum pump. As the spindles rotate, air molecules are trapped and moved between the spindle lobes and the chamber walls.

As the spindles rotate, air is drawn into the vacuum pump, trapped between the lobes and diverted to the output. This cycle reduces the number of air molecules in the vacuum chamber, creating a vacuum.

Choose your vacuum pump by its brand:

ATLAS COPCO oil-lubricated screw vacuum pumps










ATLAS COPCO oil-lubricated screw vacuum pumps

Oil-lubricated screw vacuum pumps are designed to deliver an optimal performance at any operating pressure. This makes them ideal for production areas where a central vacuum pump is required. However, it can also be used as a dedicated pump for a specific machine.

Key parameters include:

  • increased efficiency thanks to the state-of-the-art technology
  • variable speed drive (VSD) and innovative motor design
  • very quiet operation
  • plug-and-play installation
  • ideal for installation in compressor stations

The vacuum pumps are ideal for central systems and larger installations. For example:



You can choose from the following models of the oil screw vacuum pumps:

ModelPumping speed
Max. vakuum
GHS 3504000,355,5N/A
GHS 5855600,357,5N/A
GHS 7307300,3511N/A
GHS 9009000,3515N/A
GHS 130012500,3522N/A
GHS 160015900,3530N/A
GHS 190018100,3537N/A
GHS 38003828155N/A
GHS 46004478175N/A
GHS 54002945190N/A

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