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ULVAC vacuum technology

ULVAC Technologies, Inc. is an international corporation originally from Japan that designs, manufactures and sells vacuum technology for industrial and laboratory applications. The company product range includes vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, leak finders, automatic test systems, electronics manufacturing equipment and optics bonding equipment. We specialize only in supplies, service and repairs of the vacuum technology.

Dry-running screw vacuum pumps
Mini vacuum pumps
Rotary oil vacuum pumps
Rotary piston vacuum pumps
Roots vacuum pumps
Diffusion vacuum pumps

We supply and service the following ULVAC vacuum technologies:

Suchoběžné šroubové vývěvy ULVAC

Suchoběžné šroubové vývěvy ULVAC série CR

Suchoběžné šroubové vývěvy ULVAC série LR/HR/UR



Dry-running screw vacuum pumps ULVAC

We offer the following model series:

The ULVAC LS is an innovative dry-running screw pump that features a pair of tapered steel screws with variable pitch, allowing pumping at near atmospheric pressure. The vacuum pump is up to 1/3 lighter than a conventional screw vacuum pump and is designed primarily for clean applications. However, it can also be used as a vacuum pre-pump of the vacuum systems.

ULVAC CR are air-cooled, dry-running vacuum pumps designed for clean and wet processes. The devices are capable of extracting up to 500 g/h of steam (or pure gas). Due to these properties, they are suitable as a vacuum source for vacuum dryers, sputtering equipment and evaporation systems.

The ULVAC LR, HR and UR series are specially designed dry-running vacuum pumps that are designated for applications where heated gas or exhaust piping is required. Because of this capability, they are required in PVD processes and CVD coating. They can also be used as acuum pre-pumps for turbo molecular and mechanical booster vacuum pumps.

ECO-SHOCK is an accessory for ULVAC LR / HR / UR dry-running vacuum pump models. The device can reduce energy consumption by up to 80%. It supports pumping of air, nitrogen and inert gases, such as argon. It connects to the exhaust pipes.

Typical applications of the dry-running vacuum pumps include:

  • vacuum steaming
  • vacuum spraying
  • pumping steam and heavy gases
  • general industrial processes
  • freezing
  • vacuum drying
  • pumping of pure gases
  • vacuum coating equipment
  • rotary evaporators
  • heat treatment processes
  • processing of procedural gases
  • PVD and CVD processes

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Laboratorní mini vývěvy ULVAC DTC

Membránové mini vývěvy ULVAC DAU/DTU

Suchoběžné scroll vývěvy ULVAC DISL







ULVAC mini vacuum pumps

We offer the following model series:

ULVAC DTC are small vacuum pumps designed for laboratory use. All contact parts are made of PTFE or FPM, which allows for pumping of corrosive gases. They are available in four versions with pumping speeds of 20 to 240 liters/min. Key advantages include chemical resistance, easy maintenance and low cost.

ULVAC DA is a small universal dry-running vacuum pump suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications from plate handling to non-corrosive laboratory pumping needs. The device allows for a regulation of the pumping speed.

The ULVAC DAU/DTU diaphragm mini vacuum pump offers high vacuum with pumping speeds of up to 23 l/min at 60 Hz. It is available in two versions. DTU model - corrosion and hard gas resistant. The vacuum pump can also be used as a vacuum pre-pump for turbo molecular pumps.

ULVAC DAP are small vacuum pumps designed for various fine handling operations. The vacuum pumps contain a rubber diaphragm that allows for a very clean and oil-free vacuum environment. The DAP vacuum pumps are available in four versions with pumping speeds of 6 to 18 l/min.

ULVAC DOP mini vacuum pumps are ideal vacuum sources for vacuum chucks, tweezers and other automatic handling applications. They are available with pumping speeds of 44 l/min to 140 l/min.

ULVAC DIS is a universal "double-wound" vacuum pump that achieves a high level of dry vacuum and operates at atmospheric pressure. Its characteristics include low vibration, low noise and a high pumping speed. The pump can be used as a stand-alone pump or as a vacuum pre-pump for a turbomolecular vacuum pump.

ULVAC DISL creates vacuum using a special spiral mechanism. This allows for higher pumping speeds, lower final pressure, lower energy consumption and less noise. The vacuum pumps can reach a pumping speed of up to 520 l/min.


Typical applications of an oil rotary vacuum pumps include:

  • rotary evaporators
  • evaporation systems
  • vacuum concentrators
  • vacuum filtration systems
  • vacuum drying systems
  • vacuum chucks and vacuum tweezers
  • biochemical analysis
  • helium detectors
  • centrifuges
  • analysis and scientific research
  • laser technologies
  • optical instruments
  • medical and pharmaceutical equipment
  • medical devices
  • sterilizers
  • medical equipment

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Olejové rotační vývěvy ULVAC GCD

Olejové rotační vývěvy ULVAC VD

Olejové rotační vývěvy ULVAC PVD




ULVAC rotary oil vacuum pumps

We offer the following model series:

ULVAC GHD is a closed rotary oil vacuum pump with a motor connected via a magnetic coupling. This ensures that leakage from the shaft seal is prevented, which results in an extended service life of the entire device. The pump is also equipped with an integrated reverse valve to protect against oil backflow.

ULVAC GLD is a highly reliable and powerful direct drive rotary oil vacuum pump. It is characterized by low noise and low vibrations. The vacuum pump is equipped with oil backflow protection and a gas ballast to increase the steam pumping power.

ULVAC GCD is a corrosion resistant rotary oil vacuum pump designed for pumping toxic and corrosive gases and solutions. It is available in three versions with pumping speeds of 50 to 200 l/min.

ULVAC VS are quiet vacuum solutions suitable for continuous operation at high pressures. They are available in water-cooled or air-cooled versions. The vacuum pumps have been designed specifically for low vibration operation.

ULVAC VD are large capacity oil rotary vacuum pumps with a quiet motor and easy maintenance. The pump incorporates a forced oil circulation system that ensures a stable pumping speed under atmospheric pressure.

ULVAC PVD is a compact belt driven rotary vacuum pump with excellent evacuation characteristics. This vacuum solution features low vibrations, low noise, easy maintenance and consistent pumping power.

Typical applications of an oil rotary vacuum pumps include:

  • helium leak detectors
  • analytical equipment
  • automatic leak testing
  • vacuum drying
  • evaporation
  • sputtering
  • ion plating
  • laboratory instruments
  • freeze drying
  • vacuum degassing
  • vacuum packaging
  • vacuum shaping
  • vacuum furnaces
  • laboratory instruments
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • semiconductor industry

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Vývěvy s rotačním pístem ULVAC PKS


ULVAC rotary piston vacuum pumps

We offer the following model series:

ULVAC PKS are robust oil vacuum pumps that utilize the rotary piston technology. The body of the device is made of a high-quality alloy, which provides strength and abrasion resistance.

Disassembly and reassembly for maintenance purposes is simple, as are inspections of the exhaust valves.  The vacuum pumps are only available in a single-stage design.

The pumps can reach pumping speeds of 96 to 420 m3/h (from 1,600 to 7,000 l/min).

Typical applications of the piston vacuum pumps include:

  • vacuum heat processing
  • metal casting in vacuum
  • vacuum drying
  • vacuum distillation

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Rootsovy vývěvy ULVAC PMB-C

Rootsovy vývěvy ULVAC PMB-D

Rootsovy vývěvy ULVAC MBS


Roots ULVAC vacuum pumps

ULVAC PRC is a high volume mechanical booster pump for clean applications. The vacuum pump does not use any oil in the pump chamber, resulting in a stable power even when discharging steam or solvents. The PRC-A series models are designed for universal, semiconductor and liquid crystal imaging processes that require extreme purity. Mechanical boosters can increase the pumping speed within the range of 10 kPa and 0.1 Pa.

ULVAC PMB-D Roots vacuum pumps are used as mechanical boosters of the pumping speed and input pressure limits. All models are equipped with a direct drive and a universal electric motor with variable speed. Based on particular requirements, the surfaces of the main parts of the pump can be coated to ensure corrosion resistance.

The UKVAC PMB-040C & 060C models are suitable for the high volume extraction required by vacuum heating equipment such as melting furnaces or vacuum simulation chambers.

ULVAC MBS is a small compact booster vacuum pump with a motor with magnetic clutch. This non-contact seal reduces energy consumption by 60% and ensures zero oil leakage. The advantages of the solution include a small size, light weight, corrosion resistance, quiet and smooth operation and clean vacuum.

Typical uses of the Roots vacuum pumps include:

  • evaporation
  • ion plating
  • analytical instruments
  • leak testing
  • vacuum drying and sublimation
  • vacuum filling
  • evacuation of gases
  • melting furnaces
  • CO2 gas lasers
  • heat processing
  • vacuum systems
  • applications that simulate the universe

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Difuzní vývěvy ULVAC PFL









ULVAC diffusion vacuum pumps

Are you looking for a diffusion device for high-speed pumping of large quantities of gas? Do you need to achieve extremely high pumping speeds? Are you looking for a vacuum pump that can generate high and ultra high vacuum?

We offer the following 3 model series:

The ULVAC PBL diffusion vacuum pump can achieve a maximum pumping speed of 10-1 Pa. The model bodies are made of stainless steel, which eliminates corrosion and ensures a long service life.

The ULVAC PFL series diffusion oil vacuum pumps feature a reliable design with low backflow of the operating fluid and a low operation cost. They boost a high and stable pumping speed. They are ideal for large-scale vacuum equipment, such as vacuum furnaces.

The ULVAC ULK series has been designed specifically for applications and installations where the height of the vacuum pump installation is restricted. The pump housings are made of stainless steel and the internal elements of the steam pipes are made of aluminum.

Typical applications of the diffusion vacuum pumps include

  • plastic metal plating
  • metallurgical processes
  • chemical production of plastics
  • vacuum etching
  • vacuum sputtering
  • vacuum steaming
  • analytical analyses
  • surface analysis
  • mass spectrometry
  • electron microscopy (SEM, TEM)
  • nanotechnology research
  • high energy research

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Vývěvy s rotačním pístem ULVAC PKS

Helium leak detectors HELIOT 900

This fast and versatile vacuum detector is designed for fast leak testing. It can be used either as a stand-alone unit in sniffer mode, or it can be connected to a PLC system as a part of an integrated leak testing system. The Helium detector comes in a small portable design with a wireless tablet controller.






Vývěvy s rotačním pístem ULVAC PKS

Plasma combustion systems

In semiconductor manufacturing, photoresist coating needs to be removed from etched circuit boards and electronic components. This is done by plasma combustion. This PVD process produces ash that needs to be extracted. Plasma combustion systems are used for this purpose.

We sell and service the ULVAC ENVIRO series plasma combustion systems (ENVIRO 1Xa, ENVIRO 1Xa 2C and ENVIRO Optima) and Luminous NA series (Luminous NA-8000, Luminous NA-1300 and Luminous NA-1500).









Service and repairs of the ULVAC vacuum technology

  • We sell and service the ULVAC vacuum technologies
  • We conduct overhauls and refurbishing of the ULVAC vacuum pumps
  • We also provide service at the customer's site.

Service support for the ULVAC vacuum pumps:

  • a team of service technicians
  • a team of engineers for designing vacuum systems
  • spare parts storage
  • testing and measuring equipment for vacuum pumps
  • industrial washing tools for environmentally friendly cleaning of vacuum pumps

Why choose us?

  • 20 years of experience in the industry
  • 3,000 performed overhaul repairs
  • over 5,000 service in situ interventions
  • more than 2,000 satisfied customers
  • more than 10,000 items in stock
  • we work for 7 of the 10 largest companies in the Czech Republic

What can you gain by working with us?

  • increased production reliability
  • faster production process
  • less maintenance requirements
  • reduced service and electricity cost
  • service for the lifetime of the product
  • application consulting and troubleshooting
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