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Effepizeta blowers

VAKUUM BOHEMIA offers repair and servicing of Effepizeta (FPZ) side channel blowers. We also supply replacement blowers and blower systems. Most replacement blowers are available in stock. We also have standard accessories such as filters, dampers, and valves in stock. Our operations cover the whole Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We provide

  • supply of central blower systems
  • sale of blowers
  • service, repair, and overhaul of Effepizeta blowers

Our services:

  • supply of vacuum systems
  • sale of replacement liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • sale of replacement screw vacuum pumps, ATEX, coating
  • servicing, repair, and overhaul of Sterling SIHI liquid ring vacuum pumps

Our services for Effepizeta blowers are provided by:

  • a team of service technicians
  • a team of engineers for designing blower systems
  • storage of spare blowers for rent
  • testing and measuring equipment for blowers
  • industrial washing tools for environmentally friendly cleaning of blowers

History of Effepizeta

Effepizeta has manufactured side channel blowers since 1975. FPZ is based in the Italian city of Concorezzo. Today, the company manufactures side channel blowers for overpressure and negative pressure applications.

Table of models

ModelPumping speed
Max. negative pressure
Max. Overpressure
06 MS55801200,2
K03 MS741602000,55
K04 MS1372202501,1
K05 MS2192402752,2
K05 TS4092102104
K06 TS5632202504
K07 TS8272503507,5
K08 TS100730032511
K09 TS132532027515
K10 TS153527526018
K11 TS176027522015
K12 TS198020014022
10 DL MS301501750,37
15 DH MD502702750,55
R 20 MD603003500,75
R 30 MD903503501,5
40 DH MD1403503502,2
K07R MD1804504503
K08R MD2354504504
K09 MD3104754755,5
K10 MD2885005007,5
K 11 MD4305005007,5
K12 MD4754504509,2
K04 TD1692753001,5
K05 TD2604004003
K06 TD3774004005,5
K07 TD5034204507,5
K08 TD6254504757,5
K09 TD79345047511
K10 TD97150050015
K11 TD109045040015
K12 TD121642037518,5
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