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ATLAS COPCO is a supplier of equipment for industry and construction. It supplies the Czech market with compressors, generators, demolition equipment, vacuum pumps, industrial tools and assembly systems. We specialize only in supplies, service and repair of vacuum equipment.

We supply and service the following ATLAS COPCO vacuum technologies:

Olejové rotační vývěvy GVS















GVS rotary oil vacuum pumps

The GVS rotary oil vacuum pumps are ideal for critical applications in packaging, timber, rubber and plastics processing, electronics, paper and printing, material handling and other demanding industries. The GVS 16-630 series vacuum pumps can achieve pumping speeds of 16 to 840 m3/ h (at 60 Hz). The GVS 20-300 series can achieve pumping speeds of 20 to 365 m3/ h (at 60 Hz).

Key advantages of the GVS rotary oil vacuum pumps include:

  • easy installation thanks to a compact design
  • high reliability due to a robust design and optimal oil retention at all pressure levels
  • low maintenance and wear and tear due to optimally selected shaft speeds
  • low noise and vibration levels over the entire pressure range

Applications and use examples of the GVS series vacuum pumps in real life:

  • The vacuum pumps are used as vacuum pre-pumps for Roots vacuum pumps and diffusion vacuum pumps.
  • GVS technology can be used in the food industry as a source for vacuum packaging of food.
  • They are used in the woodworking industry for material handling and pneumatic transport.
  • In plastics and rubber production, they are used for hot shaping processes, degassing of the extruder barrel, or degassing of molds.
  • In the printing industry, they are implemented to printing machines, where they supply pneumatic energy.
  • Vacuum pumps are also used in the healthcare sector. Here they play a role of a medical vacuum during suction processes.

Model lists of the GVS rotary oil vacuum pumps can be found here



Dvoustupňové olejové rotační vývěvy GVD

Dvoustupňové olejové rotační vývěvy GVD 28





Two-stage rotary oil vacuum pumps GVD

The GVD series two-stage rotary oil vacuum pumps have a low final pressure, and their operation is quiet. The vacuum pump itself is compact and vibration-free. It is equipped with a fan and connecting fittings.

The key parameters of the GVD series two-stage oil vacuum pumps include:

  • effective lubrication even under high loads
  • no reverse suction when the vacuum pump is switched off
  • gas ballast management helps when pumping high loads
  • reliability and long service life
  • clear oil level indicator
  • easy maintenance and installation
  • wide range of accessories

Applications and use examples of the GVD series of two-stage oil vacuum pumps:

  • The more powerful GVD 275 series is designed for vacuum metallurgical processes. It is used in evacuation of cooling and air conditioning systems, drying and distillation in vacuum, for freezing and for cryogenics. The GVD 275 vacuum pumps are also used for drying and impregnating oil treatment equipment.
  • Lower series, such as GVD 3, GVD 5, GVD 8, GVD 12 and GVD 28, are suitable for laboratory vacuum and analytical instruments. However, they are also used as support vacuum pumps for turbomolecular systems.

    Model lists of the GVD two-stage rotary oil vacuum pumps can be found here


Šroubové olejem mazané vývěvy GHS VSD+











Oil-lubricated screw vacuum pumps GHS VSD+

The GHS VSD+ and GHS 350-1900 VSD+ series are two new series of the rotary screw vacuum pumps with VSD technology. The vacuum pumps have been designed to deliver an optimal performance at any operating pressure. The GHS 350-900 VSD+ series is an ideal solution for production areas where a central vacuum pump is required. The GHS 1300-1900 VSD+ vacuum pump can be used as a dedicated vacuum pump for a specific machine, but is more commonly used in central vacuum systems.

Key parameters of screw vacuum pumps of the GHS VSD+ series include:

  • increased efficiency thanks to the state-of-the-art technology
  • variable speed drive (VSD) and innovative motor design
  • very quiet operation
  • plug-and-play installation
  • ideal for installation in compressor stations

The GHS VSD+ vacuum pumps are ideal for central systems and larger installations. For example:



Vývěvy s kolujícím pístem GLS








GLS vacuum pumps with a circulating piston

The GLS series of rotary piston vacuum pumps provide reliability and productivity combined with minimal maintenance requirements and minimal downtime. The vacuum pumps are particularly used in demanding applications such as the automotive and aerospace industries, including supply chains. Key characteristics include robust cast iron construction, low ultimate pressure (up to < 1x10-2 Torr), automatic lubrication system and a wide range of accessories.

Key parameters of the GLS series piston vacuum pumps include:

  • low rotation speed
  • reliable operation even in demanding or dirty applications
  • efficient design and easy maintenance
  • low ultimate pressure of up to <0.01 Torr
  • compact design that saves up to 50% of floor space
  • low vibrations
  • gas ballast

Applications and use examples of the GLS series piston vacuum pumps:

  • automotive industry
  • chemical heat processing
  • leak detection
  • metallurgy
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • transformer drying
  • vacuum plating and melting
  • PET processing

         Lists of the models of the GLS series piston vacuum pumps can be found here



Vakuové systémy DZM

Zobákové vývěvy DZS a DZM






DZS claw vacuum pumps and DZM vacuum solutions

DZS claw vacuum pumps are powerful vacuum pumps that provide vacuum in the range of 50-140 mbar (a), 28.3-25.8 Hg Vac. DZM units combine two to four DZS vacuum pumps (depending on the application) in a single compact housing. They are fitted with a cover that not only protects the vacuum pump, but also reduces the noise level. Their side walls are removable for quick access and easy maintenance.

The key advantages of the DZS claw vacuum pumps include:

  • corrosion-resistant pumping chambers
  • easy access for removing, cleaning and reassembling the claws
  • The gearbox insulation eliminates the risk of oil contamination
  • high efficiency IE3 motors
  • motors compatible with the VSD+ technology
  • modular design
  • vacuum pumps offer a vacuum range of 50-140 mbar(a)

Key advantages of the DZM vacuum solution include:

  • ideal as a central vacuum source
  • easy maintenance even in demanding conditions
  • compact housing that protects and reduces noise levels
  • precise vacuum adjustment pursuant customer requirements

Areas of application of the DZS series claw vacuum pumps and DZM vacuum solutions:

  • vacuum systems for hospitals
  • pneumatic conveyors
  • packaging lines and machines
  • fastening systems for CNC machines
  • press machines
  • vacuum dryers
  • central vacuum supply systems
  • vacuum mixing of building materials

       Lists of the DZS claw vacuum pumps and DZM vacuum solutions can be found here



Vodokružné vývěvy AWS & AWD

Vodokružné vývěvy LPR


















AWS liquid-ring vacuum pumps and AWD two-stage vacuum pumps

The single-stage AWS units have a pumping speed of up to 5,500 m³/h and can achieve a vacuum in excess of 200 mbar(abs), which is ideal for general processes such as filtration or draining and pumping or evacuation.

Two-stage direct-drive AWD vacuum pump models provide sustained high performance at operating pressures below 200 mbar(abs). Two impellers work in series to achieve a high compression ratio and increased efficiency in continuous production processes such as drying, degassing, extraction and solvent restoration.

LRP intelligent liquid ring vacuum pumps with VSD technology

It is a modern vacuum solution with optimal energy efficiency and low operational maintenance. The LRP 700-1000 VSD+ technology is perfectly suited for wet, damp and dirty applications with high temperatures or extreme steam loads.

Both technologies can reach a maximum pressure level of up to 30 mbar(abs). The vacuum pumps are available in three modular design configurations for one-time and partial recirculation or full service water restoration. In most cases, all components of the wet system are made of stainless steel.

The main advantages of the LRP model with VSD technology include:

  • elegant and ergonomic design
  • energy efficiency and robustness
  • two speed converters
  • Intelligent monitoring and remote control
  • effective solution for steam-loaded applications

Applications and use examples of liquid ring vacuum pumps AWS & AWD, LRP

  • food and fruit processing
  • processing of cheese, milk and milk products
  • plastic extrusion
  • vulcanization and rubber molding
  • air extraction from bottles
  • pulp and paper production
  • mineral sludge filtration
  • oil and gas extraction
  • drying of varnishes and degassing of suspensions
  • laboratory evaporation and sterilization
  • exhaust and gas recuperation
  • creation of expanded foam polystyrene (EPT)

       The lists of the models of the AWS & AWD and LRP liquid ring vacuum pumps is here


Service, repairs and parts for the ATLAS COPCO vacuum pumps

  • We provide sale and service of the vacuum technologies ATLAS COPCO.
  • We conduct overhauls and refurbishing of the vacuum pumps ATLAS COPCO.
  • We also provide service at the customer's site.
  • We keep in stock the most used spare parts and accessories.
  • We rent vacuum pumps with pumping speeds of up to 630 m3/h.

Service support for the ATLAS COPCO vacuum pumps:

  • a team of service technicians
  • a team of engineers for designing vacuum systems
  • spare parts storage
  • testing and measuring equipment for vacuum pumps
  • industrial washing tools for environmentally friendly cleaning of vacuum pumps

Why choose us?

  • 20 years of experience in the industry
  • 3,000 performed overhaul repairs
  • over 5,000 service in situ interventions
  • more than 2,000 satisfied customers
  • more than 10,000 items in stock
  • we work for 7 of the 10 largest companies in the Czech Republic

What can you gain by working with us?

  • increased production reliability
  • faster production process
  • less maintenance requirements
  • reduced service and electricity cost
  • service for the lifetime of the product
  • application consulting and troubleshooting
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