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ULVAC rotary oil vacuum pumps are the right solution for industrial and laboratory applications and pumping of procedural gases.

VAKUUM BOHEMIA, s.r.o. services:

  • vacuum systems with rotary oil vacuum pumps
  • sale of ULVAC rotary oil vacuum pumps
  • sale of spare parts and accessories
  • on-site servicing
  • repairs and refurbishing of ULVAC rotary oil vacuum pumps

Support for servicing ULVAC vacuum technologies:

  • a team of service technicians
  • a team of engineers for designing vacuum systems
  • spare parts warehouse
  • storage of accessories and other parts
  • testing and measuring equipment for vacuum pumps
  • industrial washing tools for environmentally friendly cleaning of vacuum pumps

We offer the following series of rotary oil vacuum pumps:

Olejové rotační vývěvy ULVAC GHD

ULVAC GHD rotary oil vacuum pumps

ULVAC GHD is an enclosed rotary oil vacuum pump with a motor with magnetic clutch, which prevents leakage from the shaft seal. This results in a longer service life of the entire equipment. The pump is also equipped with an integrated reverse valve to protect against oil backflow.

Applications and use in real life:

  • helium leak detectors
  • analytical equipment
  • laboratory instruments


Olejové rotační vývěvy ULVAC GLD



ULVAC GLD rotary oil vacuum pumps

The ULVAC GLD is a highly reliable and powerful direct drive rotary oil pump. It is characterized by low noise and low vibrations. It achieves pumping speeds of 48 l/min. to 336 l/min. The pump is equipped with an oil backflow protector and a gas ballast for increased resistance when pumping steam.

Applications and use in real life:

  • spectrometers and gas analyzers
  • support pumps for electron microscopes
  • semiconductor, spray and vacuum evaporation equipment
  • vacuum freeze dryers


Olejové rotační vývěvy ULVAC GCD

ULVAC GCD rotary oil vacuum pumps

ULVAC GCD is a corrosion resistant rotary oil vacuum pump designed for pumping toxic and corrosive gases and solutions. It is available in three versions with pumping speeds of 50 to 200 l/min.

Applications and use in real life:

  • semiconductor industry
  • chemical industry
  • drying after chemical treatment
  • pharmaceutical industry




Jednostupňové olejové rotační vývěvy VS






VS single-stage rotary oil vacuum pumps

The ULVAC VS series are quiet vacuum solutions suitable for continuous operation at high pressures. The VS 650A/750A single-stage model also features an All-in-One module with built-in oil cooler, fan, oil mist trap and a large 30L easy-to-clean oil tank. They are available in water-cooled or air-cooled versions. The vacuum pumps are designed specifically for low vibration operation.

The pumps can develop pumping speeds of up to 3,100 m3/h.

Aplikace a použití v praxi:

  • evaporation
  • sputtering
  • ion plating
  • vacuum drying
  • freeze drying
  • vacuum degassing
  • automatic leak testing
  • vacuum filling
  • vacuum suction
  • furnaces for vacuum heat processing


Olejové rotační vývěvy ULVAC VD

Olejové rotační vývěvy ULVAC PVD

ULVAC VD rotary oil vacuum pumps

ULVAC VD are large-capacity rotary oil vacuum pumps with a quiet motor. They are easy to maintain. The vacuum pumps incorporate a forced oil circulation system that ensures a stable pumping speed under atmospheric pressure. The equipment is cooled by an enclosed three-phase fan.

ULVAC PVD rotary oil vacuum pumps

The ULVAC PVD series is a compact belt driven rotary vacuum pump with excellent evacuation characteristics. The vacuum solution features low vibrations, low noise, easy maintenance and consistent pumping performance. Unlike the VD series, the pump body is made of a single aluminum block.

Applications and use in real life:

  • evaporation
  • sputtering
  • ion plating
  • leak testing
  • vacuum drying
  • freeze drying
  • vacuum degassing
  • vacuum packaging
  • vacuum shaping
  • processing


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