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Roots vacuum pumps (Boosters)


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Roots vacuum pumps are generally used as pumping speed boosters and for reducing the final pressure in rotary oil vacuum pumps, dry-running pumps and water-ring pumps.

VAKUUM BOHEMIA, s.r.o. services:

  • vacuum systems with ULVAC Roots vacuum pumps
  • sale of mechanical ULAC booster vacuum pumps
  • sale of spare parts and accessories 
  • on-site servicing
  • repairs and refurbishing of ULVAC Roots vacuum pumps

Support for servicing ULVAC vacuum technologies:

  • a team of service technicians
  • a team of engineers for designing vacuum systems
  • spare parts storage
  • storage of accessories and other parts
  • testing and measuring equipment for vacuum pumps
  • industrial washing tools for environmentally friendly cleaning of vacuum pumps

We offer the following series of the Roots vacuum pumps:

Rootsovy vývěvy ULVAC PRC





Roots vacuum pumps ULVAC PRC

ULVAC PRC are high volume mechanical booster vacuum pumps for clean applications. The vacuum pumps do not use any oil in the pumping chamber, resulting in stable performance even when removing steam or solvents. The pumping lamination and the chamber walls are made of aluminum alloy with a special coating that ensures corrosion resistance.  The PRC-A series models are designed for universal, semiconductor and liquid crystal imaging processes that require extreme purity.

Mechanical boosters can increase the pumping speed within the range of 10 kPa and 0.1 Pa.

Applications and use in real life:

  • evaporation
  • ion plating
  • analytical instruments
  • leak testing
  • evacuation of gases
  • melting furnaces
  • heat processing
  • vacuum systems


Rootsovy vývěvy ULVAC PMB-C

Rootsovy vývěvy ULVAC PMB-D

Roots vacuum pumps ULVAC PMB-D and PMB-C

ULVAC PMB-D Roots vacuum pumps are used as mechanical boosters of the pumping speed and input pressure limits. All models are equipped with a direct drive and a universal electric motor with variable speed. The vacuum pumps are cooled by either water or air, depending on the process requirements.

Depending on the requirements, the surfaces of the main parts of the pump can be treated with an anodic oxide (ATEX) coating to ensure corrosion resistance.

Models PMB-040C & 060C are suitable for high-volume extraction required for vacuum heating equipment, such as melting furnaces or vacuum simulation chambers.

Applications and use in real life:

  • vacuum drying and sublimation
  • vacuum degassing
  • vacuum filling
  • vacuum melting units
  • vacuum furnaces for heat processing
  • applications that simulate the universe




Rootsovy vývěvy ULVAC MBS


Roots vacuum pumps ULVAC MBS

ULVAC MBS is a small compact booster vacuum pump with a motor with magnetic clutch. This non-contact seal reduces energy consumption by 60% and prevents oil leakage. The advantages of the solution include small size, light weight, corrosion resistance, quiet and smooth operation and clean vacuum.

Applications and use in real life:

  • vacuum drying
  • vacuum degassing
  • vacuum defoaming
  • helium leak tester
  • CO2 gas laser
  • vacuum heat processing


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