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The MAFR roof fans achieve a flow rate of 67,000 m³/h (1,100 m³/min) and pressures of up to 1,100 Pa. The fan is made of stainless steel. The impellers are made of plastic or aluminum. The fan blades create an aur vacuum during their movement, then compress it and create an overpressure at the output. The fan is weatherproof. They are always sized individually pursuant to the given project. Available in a two-stage design or with a frequency converter.

Key benefits and functions include:

  • the umbrella roof and base plate are made of galvanized steel
  • basic design allows for adjustable rotation speed
  • galvanized steel cabinet
  • resistance to gases and vapors
  • aluminum or plastic impellers
  • almost maintenance-free motors with bearings with a cage and IP55
  • direct drive from the motor mount

Applications and examples of the use of the Elektror MAFR roof fans:

  • ventilation systems for residential and non-residential spaces
  • ventilation systems for industrial production facilities
  • ventilation systems for agricultural operations
  • for use on flat, arched, single- and double-leaf roofs
Lidická kolonie 47
586 01 Jihlava
  Tel: +420 567 322 487
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Tel. services: +420 567 330 556
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