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Conveyor fans ELEKTROR

These Elektror CFMT and RDF conveyor fans are designed for transporting light bulk materials. The housing and impellers are made of steel or stainless steel. The drive can be a direct drive, belt drive or drive with a frequency converter. 

A large number of accessories are available for the fans, such as compensators, vibration dampers, silencers, transition pieces, soundproof covers and protective grilles. It is available with an electric motor or with a combustion engine.

We offer the following fan models:

Elektror RDF
conveyor fans


Elektror CFMT
conveyor fans

               Dopravní ventilátory ELEKTROR série RDF


                   Dopravní ventilátory Elektror CFMT

Elektror RDF conveyor fans can achieve flow rates of up to 64 m³/min and pressures of up to 7,150 Pa.   flow rates of up to 12,000 m³/h (200 m³/min) and pressures of up to 4,250 Pa. These fans are custom designed.

You can choose from the following models of the Elektror RDF and CFMT conveyor fans:

ModelPumping speed
Max. vakuum
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