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The Elektror MAF and HAFC axial fans are air technologies that can provide fresh air supply for power plant operation or exhaust air from production lines. They can achieve flow rates of up to 200,000 m³/h (3,300 m³/min) and pressures of up to 2,000 Pa. MAFC series 145,000 m³/h (2,500 m³/min) and 5,200 Pa. Both series can be supplied with a direct drive, belt drive or frequency converter. The fans of this production line are sized individually, based on the given project.

Mezi klíčové výhody a funkce patří:

  • for temperatures of up to 750°C
  • thermal insulation
  • UL, EAC and CSA certifications
  • ATEX design
  • rotary axial fan (MF series)
  • increased protection class
  • suitable for extremely high pressures
  • strong sound insulation

You can choose from the following models of axial fans:

Elektror MAF
axial fans


Elektror HAFC
axial fans


Elektror HAFC axial fans

Axiální ventilátory MAF


Axiální ventilátory MAF

  axiální ventilátory Elektror HAFC 1700
The HAF 710 gasoline-powered Elektror is used in the air pylons of the Red Bull Air Races.   Průměr 2m, délka 5m, hmotnost 5 tun. To jsou rozměry axiálního ventilátoru Elektror HAFC 1800.   Elektror HAFC 700 lze používat pro extrémně vysoké tlaky.
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