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Wood processing and printing


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Vacuum is used for wood processing, paper processing, and printing. In printing, vacuum pumps are used in the pre-printing phase, during printing, and also in the post-printing phase.  


A variety of vacuum pumps and blowers are used in the woodworking industry. Vacuum pumps are used for vacuum manipulation with wood, desks, and parts. Vacuum is also used for vacuum latching and cutting of wood. Impregnation of wood via vacuum allows the impregnating substance to penetrate deeper into the wood, improving its protective effects. The use of vacuum dryers instead of standard thermal dryers allows significant time savings.


Printing machines utilise vacuum and overpressure for handling paper. The paper handler, sheet separator, and paper conveyors all use vacuum and overpressure. Vacuum is also present in processes during the pre-printing phase, including preparation of the display, scanning, and copying. In the post-printing phase, vacuum is used for folding and cutting, as well as the transportation of waste paper.

Our services:

  • supply of central vacuum systems for wood and paper processing
  • sale of vacuum pumps 
  • vacuum pump servicing
  • warranty and post-warranty repairs
  • repair and retrofitting of vacuum pumps
  • repair and overhaul of blowers

Vacuum pumps for wood and paper processing:

  • rotary vane oil-free vacuum pumps
  • side channel blowers
  • Roots blowers
  • claw vacuum pumps
  • rotary vane oil vacuum pumps
  • liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • central vacuum systems
Lidická kolonie 47
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Tel. services: +420 567 330 556
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