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Production of plastics and composites in a vacuum


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To increase the homogeneity of plastics, eliminate frays and increase filling speed, a vacuum is introduced to the mould before plastic injection. Most modern casting machines are equipped with a vacuum pump. Sheets and thin plastics can be shaped once heated. Vacuum is used to shape soft plastic into the mould. The plastic will keep its shape permanently once it hardens.

Production of composite material

Composites are made of two or several materials. Fabrics are glued by resin. To increase material integrity and to reinforce it, composites are left to “dry” in vacuum bags evacuated with a vacuum pump. In more demanding areas such as the aviation and automotive industries, composites are also reinforced in vacuum-pressured autoclaves. The vacuum pump is often a part of the autoclave.

Extrusion, production, and drying of granulate

Vacuum pumps are used for recycling plastics – specifically for removing gases, bubbles, and humidity in molten plastic. Material processed under a vacuum is more homogeneous and has better properties. The removed hot material is then cooled or dried, for example, with the use of side channel blowers. Vacuum pumps are also used for negative or positive pressure pneumatic conveyance of granulate. More information is available in the pneumatic conveyance section.

Our services:

  • supply of central vacuum systems and sets for plastic processing
  • proposal/design of suitable vacuum pumps
  • sale of vacuum pumps
  • vacuum pump servicing
  • warranty and post-warranty vacuum pump servicing
  • repairs of vacuum pumps for the production of plastics and composites
  • overhaul of vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps used for production of plastic:

  • central vacuum systems
  • rotary vane oil vacuum pumps
  • side channel blowers
  • industrial fans
  • liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • Roots vacuum pumps
  • Roots blowers
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