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Vacuum pumps are present in every larger medical equipment. Vacuum pumps are used in central or local exhaust units; blowers are used for air conditioning in anaesthesiology workplaces.

Central suction station

Vacuum systems are used as a source of negative pressure for a central exhaust. Systems for hospitals are always equipped with at least three vacuum pumps, so that each pump covers the consumption of each hospital. The two remaining vacuum pumps are backups. Systems use automatic vacuum pump control systems which also automatically reinforce and start vacuum pumps backup in the event of a malfunction. Vacuum pumps can also be started manually if needed. Generally, the system is designed in a way to ensure that a fault in one part of the system will not cause the collapse of the whole vacuum system.

Central anaesthesiology gas exhaust units

Central anaesthesiology gas exhaust units move anaesthesiology gases from the room to ensure that residual gasses do not accumulate around the patient or influence surrounding personnel. Blower stations with gas-sealing blowers are used for this purpose.

Local sources of negative and positive pressure

Mobile exhaust equipment contains a vacuum pump. Mobile medical equipment or beds use a small compressor for machines or positioning.

Sterilisation of medical tools

Toxic gases are used for sterilisation. Vacuum pumps are used to remove air from the sterilised material and from the sterilisation chambers.

Our services:

  • supply of central vacuum and blower systems for hospitals
  • sale of vacuum pumps used in healthcare
  • servicing of vacuum pumps used in healthcare
  • warranty and post-warranty servicing of vacuum pumps used in healthcare
  • repair and overhaul of vacuum pumps used in healthcare

Vacuum pumps used in healthcare:

  • central vacuum systems and central blower systems
  • rotary vane oil vacuum pumps
  • rotary vane oil-free vacuum pumps
  • side channel blowers
  • claw vacuum pumps
  • liquid ring vacuum pumps
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