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Vacuum systems for metal coating use a combination of vacuum pumps. This allows quick evacuation to the required vacuum while achieving the necessary pumping speed. The vacuum system includes a control unit which monitors the system and starts individual vacuum pumps.

Vacuum metal coating allowed new packing procedures to be created. Products ready to receive a coating are inserted into the chamber. The chamber is evacuated by a vacuum pump or system up to the required level of vacuum. The coating material (metals, plastics, or glass) are left to evaporate in the chamber. This material then attaches to the product, creating a thin layer.

Our services:

  • sale and design of vacuum pumps for metal coating
  • sale and development of pumping stands
  • vacuum pump servicing
  • repair and retrofitting of vacuum pumps used for metal coating

Vacuum pumps for metal coating:

  • vacuum systems
  • rotary vane oil vacuum pumps
  • piston vacuum pumps
  • Roots vacuum pumps
  • two-stage oil vacuum pumps
  • screw vacuum pumps:
Lidická kolonie 47
586 01 Jihlava
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Tel. services: +420 567 330 556
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