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Pneumatic conveyance (vacuum pumps and blowers)


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Vacuum pumps and blowers for pneumatic conveyance are used to transport loose materials, dusts, powders, granulates, or small amounts of liquids. Negative pressure pneumatic conveyance uses vacuum pumps or negative pressure blowers. Positive pressure pneumatic conveyance uses overpressure blowers. 

Negative pressure conveyance systems

The beginning of a negative pressure conveyance system has a container with the suctioned material. The suction head is placed in the container. The medium travels along the piping towards the vacuum pump. A separation system is located in front of the vacuum pump, which separates air from the material. The material is caught in the container. The air suctioned into the vacuum pump is usually filtered to prevent the suction of material into the vacuum pump.

Positive pressure conveying systems

At the beginning of a positive pressure conveying system is a blower which suctions air and sends it into the piping. A container for the transported material is situated along the air flow. The mixture of air and product travels through the piping into a separator, where the conveyed material is separated from the air and kept in the container. The air is exhausted from the system.

Transportation of explosive materials (ATEX)

Vacuum pumps or blowers with ATEX adjustments are used for conveying explosive or highly flammable materials. These vacuum pumps or blowers are usually used in the chemical industry, mills, and during the transportation of soft powder materials.

Our services:

  • supply of central vacuum systems for pneumatic conveyance
  • sale of vacuum pumps and blowers for pneumatic conveyance
  • vacuum pump servicing
  • warranty and post-warranty servicing
  • repair and retrofitting of vacuum pumps
  • repair and overhaul of blowers

Sale of vacuum pumps and blowers for pneumatic conveyance:

  • vacuum and blower systems
  • rotary vane oil vacuum pumps
  • side channel blowers 
  • Roots blowers 
  • claw vacuum pumps 
  • rotary vane oil-free vacuum pumps
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