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Vacuum pumps for vacuum packaging or the production of food are used nearly in every food production facility. Vacuum is frequently used in the meat industry, being used from meat processing to packaging in protective atmospheres. They are also used for low-temperature vaporisation, densification, and filling. Oil-free compressors are used for compressing liquids or as a source of food gases for generators.

Vacuum packaging

Oxygen contained in the air has a negative effect on the quality and life of food. It can be removed by removing air from the packaging of the product or keeping the product in a protective atmosphere. Vacuum for food products requires a moderately deep vacuum, which is why oil rotary vacuum pumps are usually used. Certain foods are also packaged into an oxygen-enriched atmosphere.

Air extraction

Certain intermediate food products need to be made more compact and air-free. The reduced amount of air also prevents food from turning bad during processing. Vacuum pumps are used in filling lines, meat facilities, cutting lines, and other processes.

Vacuum bottle filling machines

When beer or sparkling lemonade is bottled, its residual oxygen content must be kept as low as possible. Drinks with CO2 also foam during filling, preventing their quick filling. Vacuum pumps are used to remove air from the bottle, allowing for quicker filling.

Vacuum food preservation and densification

Pickled fruit and vegetables, compotes and jams are preserved by boiling. Vacuum cooking is used to reduce the boiling point, which would otherwise destroy the food. A similar process is also used for desiccation, where increased temperatures under vacuum are used to remove water from products before densification.

Sugar refineries

Sugar syrup created during the extraction of sugar canes is cooked during the transformation to sugar. The whole process is carried out in a vacuum to reduce the boiling point and subsequent crystallization. High-capacity liquid ring vacuum pumps are used for this application. Vacuum is used in a wide range of other food processing operations. Please do not hesitate to contact us about the design/proposal of a suitable vacuum pump for your application.

Our services

  • supply of central vacuum systems for food packaging
  • design of suitable vacuum pumps for the food industry
  • sale of vacuum pumps vacuum pump servicing warranty and post-warranty
  • vacuum pump servicing
  • repair of vacuum pumps used for processing and packing of food
  • overhaul of food production vacuum pumps 

Vacuum pumps used in the food industry

  • central vacuum systems
  • rotary vane oil vacuum pumps
  • Roots vacuum pumps
  • liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • rotary vane oil-free vacuum pumps
  • PICO oil-free compressors
  • PUMA oil-free minicompressors
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