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Vacuum distillation, drying and vaporisation


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Vacuum pumps for vacuum distillation and vacuum drying are often used in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, and oil and food processing. Performing processes in a vacuum is faster and more energy efficient than conventional processes. At the same time, the product is not damaged due to high temperatures.

During vacuum distillation, liquid contained in the processed material is vaporised under reduced pressure. This substance is extracted in the form of gas. It can then be re-liquefied, collected, recirculated, or processed with a scrubber or incinerator and then sent through the exhaust. Vacuum drying is used for drying metal, plastic, bricks, or ceramics. One advantage is its lower temperature and the possibility of drying complex and less accessible areas. Metal parts are washed in industrial washing machines after cutting. To prevent corrosion, the parts are cleaned in a vacuum.


In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, vacuum pumps often process corrosive, explosive, or toxic gases. For these applications, specially adapted vacuum pumps are available:

  • ATEX certification for vacuum pumps (including zone 0)
  • ATEX certification for the supplied system (including zone 0 internal)
  • gas barriers for securing proper sealing
  • use of special materials: Teflon, stainless, Karlez, SAF (duplex), and others

Our services:

  • supply of central vacuum systems and sets for distillation, drying and vaporisation
  • sale of vacuum pumps
  • vacuum pump servicing
  • warranty and post-warranty vacuum pump servicing
  • repair and overhaul of chemical vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps for vacuum drying and distillation:

  • liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • rotary vane oil vacuum pumps
  • Roots vacuum pumps
  • screw vacuum pumps
  • vacuum systems of vacuum pumps
  • side channel blowers
Lidická kolonie 47
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