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RIETSCHLE Roots vacuum pumps


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RIETSCHLE Roots vacuum pumps – the R series – are used as auxiliary vacuum pumps and achieve a flow of up to 2700 m3/h. The primary advantage of these vacuum pumps is that they are oil-free. Rietschle Roots vacuum pumps are most frequently used in the food industry, metal coating, and central systems.

Our services:

  • repair and overhaul of Roots vacuum pumps of all brands
  • vacuum systems with Roots vacuum pumps
  • sale of Roots vacuum pumps
  • sale of spare parts
  • sale of refurbished Roots vacuum pumps
  • rental of selected Roots vacuum pumps
  • changeover replacement (for selected models)

Our services for Rietschle vacuum technology are provided by:

  • a team of service technicians
  • a team of engineers for designing suitable vacuum pumps
  • storage of rental vacuum pumps
  • storage of spare parts for Rietschle vacuum pumps
  • storage of accessories and other parts
  • testing and measuring equipment for vacuum pumps
  • industrial washing tools for environmentally friendly cleaning of vacuum pumps

Table of models – Roots vacuum pumps

ModelPumping speed
Max. pressure difference
VWP 500285501,52840
VWP 100010724332840
VWP 150015804342840
Lidická kolonie 47
586 01 Jihlava
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Tel. services: +420 567 330 556
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