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Elmo Rietschle liquid ring vacuum pumps


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Rietschle liquid ring vacuum pumps operate on the principle of a rotating eccentrically placed impeller sealed with a water ring. Various models are available with pumping speeds of between 10 m3/h and 600 m3/h. Vacuum pumps are suitable for applications with high humidity and in applications where it is not possible to prevent the suction of larger amounts of impurities. Vacuum pumps are resistant to chemicals. Their primary applications lie in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries and handling.

Our services:

  • vacuum systems with liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • sale of liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • sale of spare parts
  • sale of accessories
  • vacuum pump on-site servicing
  • vacuum pump repair and overhaul
  • rental (limited availability)
  • changeover replacement (limited availability)

Our services for Rietschle vacuum technology are provided by:

  • a team of service technicians
  • a team of engineers for designing suitable vacuum pumps
  • storage of rental vacuum pumps
  • storage of spare parts for Rietschle vacuum pumps
  • storage of accessories and other parts
  • testing and measuring equipment for vacuum pumps
  • industrial washing tools for environmentally friendly cleaning of vacuum pumps

Table of models – liquid ring vacuum pumps

ModelPumping speed
Max. vakuum
2BL2 041-2AH50-4A25330,83Compact recirculation system
2BL2 061-1AH50-4A50331,2Compact recirculation system
2BL2 101-2AH50-4A60332,4Compact recirculation system
2BL2 141-2AH50-4A110333,85Compact recirculation system
2BL2 251-0KH01-7A150334Compact recirculation system
2BL2 281-0KH03-7A200335,5Compact recirculation system
2BL2 341-0KH03-7A240337,5Compact recirculation system
2BV3-151-0G10330,3Compact vacuum pumps
2BV2 06145331,45Compact vacuum pumps
2BV2 07075332,35Compact vacuum pumps
2BV2 071120333,85Compact vacuum pumps
2BV5 110160334Compact vacuum pumps
2BV5 111220335,5Compact vacuum pumps
2BV5 121280337,5Compact vacuum pumps
2BV5 1313803311Compact vacuum pumps
2BV5 1615003312Compact vacuum pumps
2BV7 060-2AH25330,83Compact vacuum pumps
2BV7-061-1AH45331,2Compact vacuum pumps
2BV7-070-2AH75332,4Compact vacuum pumps
2BV7-071-2AH120333,5Compact vacuum pumps
Lidická kolonie 47
586 01 Jihlava
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Tel. services: +420 567 330 556
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