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Turnkey vacuum systems


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Besides designing vacuum systems, we also offer delivery of turnkey vacuum systems. Delivery includes everything from incorporating the customer’s requests, up to training operating staff. All systems are supplied with a warranty as a functional whole. We provide warranty and post-warranty servicing for all supplied systems. 

Standardised solutions:

VAKUUM BOHEMIA offers standardised solutions in the form of standardised vacuum centres. Centres are used as a central source of vacuum and contain all the required components including a container, filtering, management, monitoring, alarms and outputs to MaR. We also offer the possibility of delivering standardised vacuum systems that serve as a source of vacuum for larger functional units or single-purpose machines.

Unique turnkey solutions:

The first part of a unique solution is the creation of a project. This is followed creating a vacuum system and its assembly, and on-site entry into operation.

  • analysis of the customer’s requirements
  • verification of process parameters in operation
  • project calculations
  • design of a general solution
  • supply of vacuum systems and system components
  • on-site assembly
  • entry of the system into operation
  • functional tests and measurement of parameters
  • documentation: Certificates, default revisions, passports, declarations of conformity.
  • training of operating staff

Usual components:

  • vacuum pumps
  • vacuum containers
  • control and monitoring systems
  • complete electrical installation
  • vacuum filters and separators
  • valves, sensors, manometers
  • vacuum distribution
  • special lubricants
Lidická kolonie 47
586 01 Jihlava
  Tel: +420 567 322 487
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Tel. services: +420 567 330 556
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